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Intoto updated to Release Candidate

Intoto updated to Release Candidate

We launched the beta version of Studio a year ago. We work daily to implement more features, most of them not directly visible to the end-user. The core functionality is now reasonably stable, and we are working hard to improve the lack of water data. We don’t believe...

Data resolution and graph upgraded

Previously, you had to do an export to get data in minute resolution. Now the location pages’ graph shows minute data and an overview of the changes at each point you see in the diagram. Try it yourself by going to a location.

See the world as a planet

Just minutes after MapBox launched the “earth mode” option in its mapping tools, this was available at Intoto. Try it yourself by zooming out on the map, so you see the whole world. Go to the map.

More parameters available in the map

The map is updated with the possibility to see water temperature and pH (from the locations that have this), not just water level. Try it yourself by going to the map and pressing the drop-down menu where it says “Water level” at the bottom of the pages.

Data-driven conversion to water flow available

Water flow (“cubic” or m3/s) is a standard unit of measurement for moving water volumes in rivers. Traditionally, calculating this is a somewhat extensive and physical operation, with uncertainty in data against high water levels. We have developed a data-driven model...