What a year!

2021 has been an exciting year! A growing team, technologies, clients, and space to take our platform to the next level.

We thank everybody (THANK YOU!) who has helped somehow. Namedropping would require a database.

Launch event
– Norway’s Smartest River!

June 23. Intoto had a unique event celebrating opening of Norways smartest River. In a tent, by the river, 50+ friends, clients, politicians, bodyguards, police and media had nice time together – in middle of Covid.


Word of data @ Arendalsuka

Intoto was at Arendalsuka, invited by Abelia (thanks!) to discussions around the value of data and how to grow business around data.

Benny – new on the team!

From the early days of Intoto, we decided who the first hire needs to be – Benny. So it became. Our virtuoso of structuring big data. What a man!

Showing at Geomatikkdagene

Intoto and Statens Kartverk (thanks!) on a joint presentation on possibilities within «Dynamic map objects in a digital twin.» We showcased how we can show real-time water levels in a 3D map using Intoto water level data.


We know a lot of professors, but this guy was something new! A random chat got us in contact with Jaroslav. Professor at Czech Technical Univesity, four times world champion of kayak, designer of Olympic arenas, and CEO of Optiflow. Since then, we have been working on some new ways to convert water data.

Kvina Guide

We got an exciting project of defining how an interactive river could look. And we got help from a french masters student, Camille, as project manager. She got to dig deep into the values of a river for local communities.

Here together with another partner in project, major of Kvinesdal.


Before Christmas, we spent a couple of days on a great workshop, laying out plans further for Intoto. We worked on the long-term goal for Intoto. We now have a list of prioritized work packages. 


Fylkeskommunen (thanks!) handpicked Intoto to have a booth at TEDx Arendal Exhibition. We met a lot of interesting people there!

Dinner & Golf

In the autumn, we had an internal meetup with dinner and golf-simulator at Utsikten hotel, and (must be) the world’s best golf instructor. We had some impressive and some less remarkable shots. There are still some golf balls missing somewhere inside that simulator.

Workshop with Trond Riiber Knudsen

Trond is rated one of «Norway’s 100 most influential business leaders,»– where he is a leading proponent for the required transformation of the economy towards next-generation renewable energy and new digital business models.

– In a world of climate change and increased occurrence of extreme flooding – using AI, sensors, and IoT to gain insight into water systems, rivers, and hydro ecosystems will be critical – that’s why we are proud early supporters of hydro AI startup Intoto, he commented on LinkedIn.

Alf – new on the team!

Alf joined the team with a unique combination of high-level technical and environmental experience in the category of water. We love to work with Alf with his deep passion for more ingenious solutions!

Tools for the job!

In 2021 we finally got some better tools for work in the field. We got a trailer into a mobile workshop, a truck with a crane for easier installs, and a garage for lab, logistics, and reassembling.

Hardware developments

In 2021 we had a lot of progress in hardware development. We also learn much about what works and what we can improve. We feel confident in the future!

Locations, locations, locations

We spent many hours in the field establishing new Intoto locations, here is a few:

Pål – new on the team!

In the spring, we looked for a CSO and did many interviews. The best guy out there was Pål. Pål is passionate about lifting Intoto to the next level, and a great sales representative who cares about happy clients and the future.

Prizewinner (almost)

Intoto was nominated for Innovation Price of Digin & Sparebanken Sør, and got through to the final. We didn’t win, and celebrate our friends at Agdir who won.

Launch of Beta

In the summer of 2021, we launched our Beta online tool to the public. A big milestone, but at the same time just a simple start:)


Intoto got awarded top 20 Govtech CEO’s of 2021

Ådne – new on the team!

Ådne joined the team in the autumn. Since then, he has worked with lightning speed on converting bio competence to ai competence. For him, it was almost the same. Ådne is building new prediction algorithms daily now.

AI & Predictions

We made significant progress on prediction algorithms in the platform. Intoto AI will be a powerful tool in 2022.


Snow is water. So we work with Snøhetta. They are cool.

We have had some great workshops around brand & identity of Intoto with our friends at Snøhetta. We hope to follow up more on this!

Not everything happens in Kvinesdal.
New office in Tønsberg.

Since many of our stakeholders are in the Oslo region, we got a department office in Tønsberg. Great place and facilities, coworking – of course!

Camille – new team member!

Camille joined the team as an intern in autumn – arriving from France. It has been a great prosess introducing her for the world of tech & creativity. She has mainly worked as PM on a preprojeco for a interactive river guide. We will miss you!

Research for the aquaculture industry

Together with the Norwegian Institute of Water Research (NIVA), we have done a research project on using our technologies to monitor water quality parameters in a fjord, combined with our smart river. Exciting work, and we look forward to more here in 2022.

New website

In spring we launched a new website, telling a bit more than the one-pager we had before. Time flies and Intoto improves, so we soon need to think of doing it again!

Funding round

We did a nice founding round and are now 9 new investors in team Intoto.

Here is a list of our colleagues of business development

3x Founders

Scott (The Look and Feel AS), Morten (Gaines AS), and Frode (Aagedahl AS) own an equal part of Intoto, each through their own companies.

Employees & Inhouse

Pål Warset, Gaya Kessler, Jan Benny Arrestad Thomas, Alf Magne Midtbø Versland  / powafa.no

Oxidane Venture

Oxidane Venture invests in the intersection between water and high technology. As well as the profit potential of our portfolio, we also evaluate social and ecological impact. Guided by the United Nations sustainable development goals, we ensure our portfolio companies drive the blue shift.

While we look for the most exciting water-related technologies, everything we do is about people. We invest in teams that are the best at what they do, solving an issue with environmental and financial rewards. In return, we give more than just capital. We offer brains, passion, and active ownership.

Our team and board offer decades of business development experience, risk management, branding, funding, science, and technology. Oxidane is one of few venture firms with an in-house team of highly experienced software developers. We offer our portfolio companies our skills and networks that expand from potential clients, teams, and board members to business developers and investors. The headquarters of Oxidane Venture is in the sustainability house in the CBD of Kristiansand. We are also present in Copenhagen and London.


Metascience LLC

Metascience (Charles Gian diPierro) is a physician-scientist with degrees in medicine, molecular, physiology, epidemiology, and public health. He lives with his family in New Jersey, USA, and Kvinesdal, Norway. His research and medical practice are in Environmental Medicine and target the interactions between environment and human health. His past and current pre-seed through late-stage investments are informed by and share the same focus as his research and practice. He lives with his family in New Jersey, USA, and Kvinesdal, Norway.


Valide supports the business development of start-ups, with a mandate of business development, restructuring of companies, and creation of new jobs in addition to financial returns. They support the early phase with tools such as dedicated advisors, accelerator programs, business clusters, commercialization of research (TTO), and investments. We have broad expertise in Validé (25 employees). We can leverage this and our extensive investor network to help companies grow.



Sprettert is a group of early-stage investors from Rogaland with both family office and ex-founders on the team. Since 2016, we have invested in over 25 early-stage companies in Rogaland / Norway, contributed our knowledge and experience, and helped companies raise further capital. We focus on robotics, AI, IoT, SaaS, and related, and have done well in these focus areas. Hence, we have a suitable portfolio of companies and a network of relevant institutional investors. 

In Intoto Sprettert consists of Magnus Jepson (Jepson Holding AS) , Christian Rokseth (Christian Rokset Holding AS), Erik Ålgård (Eaah Invest AS) and Halvor Øgreid (Trunkfish Capital AS).


Haitoukin AS

Haitoukin is an investment company with significant involvement in early-stage companies, mainly B2B. We invest in both hardware and software companies. We are currently involved in over 20 companies, some as an active investor (advisor) and some with a more passive role. We were among the first investors in Huddly, Crayonano, ReTyre, and Sharebox, to name a few. We have a long-term time horizon and often follow up in later rounds. We are occasionally involved in preparing prospectuses, pricing, strategies, and VC systems. Intoto contact is Christian Bøhn.

Ahlqvist Invest AS

Rolf Einar Ahlqvist has a degree in social economics from the University of Gothenburg. He lives in Stavanger and is married to Hege. They have three children and two grandchildren. He currently operates as an investor and prioritizes investments in start-up companies. He has 45 years of experience in the industry. Twenty of these he spent as a partner and chairman of the board of the start-up company Procom Venture AS in Stavanger. He also has experience as CEO of a listed company for 12 years. Extensive board experience, both nationally and internationally.

Ship Contact AS

Ship Contact is an investment company that Hesnes Gas AS owns.
Hesnes Gas AS is a ship brokerage company within LPG started in 2014 by Jens Kjellesvik. 

Ship Contact’s strategy is to invest most of the income from ship brokerage in Hesnes Gas AS in more future-oriented value creation. 

They have an investment portfolio (approximately 16 million) consisting of traditional shares and bonds, some real estate, and some in the Private Equity Fund. They have also invested in young and relatively newly established companies in the growth phase. So far, we have five other start-up companies in the portfolio, some green energy (World Power Energy), an algorithm company (Anzyz Technologies), a drone company (Aviant), oyster production (Norwegian Shores), and cleaning/maintenance of LNG tanks (Coldbox solutions). 

All companies are Norwegian, and we are involved in the board in 2 of them. Intoto contact is Kaja Smith-Kielland Kjellesvik.


TRK Group AS

TRK Group is an Oslo-based Active Ownership Firm founded by long-term McKinsey Senior Partner Trond Riiber Knudsen. TRK Group aims to catalyze growth for promising entrepreneurial ventures across three particularly exciting domains: Disruptive Technologies, Digital service transformation, and Emerging Africa.


Acme Capital AS

Acme Capital AS is a small investment company consisting of Ketil Nereng and Heidar Engebret. Ketil’s background is from the small-scale power industry through turbine manufacturer and power plant developer BNTurbin AS. At the same time, Heidar has a background in finance through Sparebank 1 Markets and Dovre Forvaltning. Both previously also sat on the listed seismic company SeaBird Exploration board. Acme invests with a broad mandate but focuses on the early phase. Acme is already a shareholder in 7Analytics AS within surface water and flood treatment with a board seat.

Castellana AS

Owned by Andreas Moyland, Global Business and Strategy Advisor at Anzyz Technologies.

Innov Management AS

A company owned by Marouane Ben Amor. He is now Senior Director at Cognite AS. Dedicated and enthusiastic, certified PMP, PRINCE2® Practitioner, and Scrum Master project manager with a solid technical background. Good experience in managing small and medium scale projects from business needs evaluation and requirements specification to project delivery, proven ability to translate clients’ business needs into practical solutions, and experience in performing risk management activities.

Gaya – new team member!

Gaya joined us at the beginning of the year. We identified him early as a critical guy, long before he knew it himself. Give this man some development problems, and you will be mindblown!

Covid > non Covid > Covid

2021 startet off with lockdown, before we had some more social months, ending with more home offices and long quarantines for some of us.

We love clients meetings!

We’ve had many (!) meetings with existing and potential clients and partners. In every session, we strive to improve what Intoto does. It is in our values to be engaging, trusted, and genuine – and it’s mind-blowing where it will get you.

Telia Startup Program

We’ve been a part of the Telia Startup Program in 2021. A big thank you to all we have met and interacted with during this year. During the year, we have worked closely on both technical and marketing topics.

Thanks for 2021!

2022 will be – more.