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Our Vision

Creating a world where nature’s secrets are universally shared, enhancing our connection and understanding to the environment around us

Our Current Mission

To advance Norway’s access to river data, guiding informed and sustainable choices through transformative infrastructure.

Our Core Values


Pioneering new solutions and approaches to understanding nature.


Committing to environmental, social, and economic stewardship.


Ensuring the accuracy, dependability, and trustworthiness.


As humans, we care deeply and actively involve communities and partners in our


Seeing the whole picture. (Intoto)

Our Story

Local Roots

We are founded from within a small town in southern Norway and believe it is one of our biggest strengths. In 2015, our small village suffered the effects of a massive flood (, and it was evident that there was too little data, if any, to be used for future planning, prevention and analysis. Technology is growing faster than ever and we’re ready to use our team’s decades of tech experience in a brand new way. We are starting with our local community while keeping a global reach in mind.

Global Vision

While we continue to make an impact in our local area we know that we can help others at an even larger scale. We are strong believers in the Open Source philosophy and similar to a grassroots movement we are prepared to expand from within. We know that if we can help the region around us we can help anyone with the same core values at heart.

Signal vs Noise

It’s not uncommon for companies in tech to lose track of their core business values given the never ending amount of possibilities at hand. We’re focused on cutting out the noise by working closely together with local or leading industry, municipality and environmental services. Together we can continue to offer value by solving real world problems one purpose-driven step at a time.

Future in Mind

At the very core of our business we’re simply saving the meaningful* data around us. It’s far too often that we react to the past rather than anticipating the future. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, blockchain technologies may seem like buzzwords at the moment but we’re taking them seriously and already taking the right steps in preparation.

* /ˈmiːnɪŋfʊl,ˈmiːnɪŋf(ə)l/ – serious, important, or worthwhile.

Built to Scale

It’s no accident most great businesses are built on the principle of using the best tool for the job. The best choice of technology is a crucial driver of success regardless of the industry. From the bottom up we’ve built our platform using the best solutions available today.

Leverage the Internet

As we want to be the best at collecting and sharing data, it makes the most sense for us to work with, and not against, the best tools available. We’re then able to offer more long-term value in collaboration with most of the leading services available on the Internet.

Safe and Reliable

Quality, uptime, security, and speed are of high importance to us here at Intoto. It’s a priority that our hardware, network, engine, and data centers follow best practices within each relevant field. We’re confident that the combination of our experience and looking to industry leaders sharing their knowledge allows us to deliver enterprise level solutions.