Tools for harnessing meaningful data for comprehensive insights, enhancing dam safety and downstream management

Growing concern
for aging dams

A recent analysis from United Nations University Institute for Water Environment and Health (UNU-INWEH) reveals that by 2050, most people will live downstream of large 20th-century dams, many operating beyond their design life. Our SmartDam solution is here to help. By monitoring the health of dams, we can address risks like failures, increase investment costs and provide data for intelligent management.

Master your dam

Intoto SmartDam™ is a set of tools to collect vital data of water & climate conditions.

  • Data of ice forces on dam construction
  • Data of water waves, in a spot or on an entire reservoir, including the impact of waves on the dam construction
  • Data of weather
  • Forecasted data on water levels downstream for regulation optimization

Data collection options


Capturing Wave Data Across an Area

Water wave

Monitoring Water Waves at Specific Spots

Ice profiling

Assessing Ice Draft and Conditions

Weather stations

Providing Hyperlocal Weather Data

Intoto Ice Force™

Analyzing Impact Forces Caused by Ice

Intoto Forecast™

Optimizing Downstream Flow

Developed in collaboration with


Intoto Radius™

Unleashing X-Band Radar Time Series Data

Collecting water data
– at scale

Radius™ detects waves in significant parts of a water area. We utilize X-band radars, typically employed on ships for object detection at sea. By taking the technology one step further, we focus on water wave data and the capability to save data in a time series, enabling analytics and data-driven decisions.

You can control Radius™ remotely, and the converted time-series data is accessible in the Intoto Cloud.

Intoto Radius data stream recorder software

Intoto Radius data stream analyzer

Intoto Radius Data Stream Analyzer in progress

Intoto Radius™ is also available as a temporary mobile installation.

Unlimited use cases

We can use data from Intoto Radius™ for so much more than what we currently do. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you encounter a use case that can assist you with your needs.

Leased + Mobile + Permanent

SmartDam solutions are offered as complete installations, realized in close collaboration with your organization. Together, we find the best setup that meets your needs, whether it involves permanent installations or project installations, with costs including leasing or ownership.

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