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River Insight 4.0

How we are helping our small village in a big way by collecting meaningful data from our local river. Improved knowledge and insight for everyone is our goal.

From Zero to One

More insight into local rivers is essential to understanding them. Currently there are a limited amount of sensors available and the existing ones are based on old and outdated technology. By improving the measurement reading intervals and the amount of sensor we believe we can make a huge difference with real time and historical data.

Map of old and new sensors

Current sensors available in white. New sensors in pilot-project in red.

Map of sensors planed in phase 2

Proposed plan for phase 2 of our project is to install around 35 sensors to get the most meaningful data from river.

5% of Norway's Energy Production

Sira-Kvina Kraftverk is one of Norway’s leading hydropower companies, producing 5% of Norwegian hydropower electricity. Nearly all electricity produced in Norway comes from hydropower. For these companies better insight into their rivers are relevant to core business, environmental issues and general digitalization needs. We’re very proud to be partnering up with Sira-Kvina. Our mutual understanding of collecting meaningful data is key for this project.

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Project Goals

We want to help Sira-Kvina with their current needs for more meaningful data and insight into the life of the river. At the same time, we have a bigger goal of collecting data that’s also useful for local fishers and other surrounding industries. This insight can help us all with understanding increasing flooding challenges and supply researchers with useful information about our rivers.

Picture of flooded community
Man fishing in the river
Proposal for sites to mount Intoto sensors
Workers inspecting bridge to plan mounting of Intoto sensor

Site Scouting

Morten and an advisor from Sira-Kvina scout and discuss the best locations for our current project. To make the best decisions we need to work very close together with experts in the field. Their feedback and input is key and allows us to deliver the most valuable data in the long run.

Setting Up Data

To get the best data, every sensor location needs “echo-profiles” of the river bed. With this profile we can water level along with water speed and water flow.

Echo profile of river where Intoto sensor will be mounted

Together for success

By joining forces, we can make a system for better understanding the river that has positive benefits not only for us. We believe that our data is valuable for our community.

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